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Manufacturer Links (In alphabetical order)

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AFI- EMC EMC Master Test System, Video Monitors, EMC Scanner, TEM Cells.
Antenna Research Associates - ARA   EMC Test Equipment, Individually Calibrated Antennas and Accessories for EMC testing.
BMI Boldt Metronic International              EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions for Surface Mount Applications
CAASPER Istrumentation Virtual Chamber - True Ambient Cancellation System for OATS use.   (Distributed by ETS-Lindgren)
Compliance Systems Corp. Systems and Services for EMC and Regulatory Compliance Testing
Dynamic Sciences International, Inc.  TEMPEST and EMI Receivers.    Surveillance Systems.
EMSCAN Corporation. Automated Circuit Board EMI Scanning System.   Detects EMI instantly and presents data in various formats.
ETS-Lindgren ( EMCO, Ray Proof,  Rantec, EuroShield) Anechoic Absorber, Chambers, Turntables, Antennas, Towers & Masts, and LISNs.
Fair-Rite Products Corp. Multilayer Ferrite Chip Beads (Surface Mount)
Haefely Test, Inc. Immunity Test Equipment for EMC Applications.
Holaday Industries, Inc. Broadband RF EMC Probes, Magnetic Field Monitors, Cell Phone Detectors, and other EMC products.
HV Technologies, Inc. Immunity and Emissions EMC Test Equipment
IFI - Instruments for Industry RF Power Amplifiers, EFG Units, and Bi-Directional Couplers.
LCR Electronics, Inc. EMC Testing, EMC Solutions, EMI Fliters, X&Y Capacitors, CM Coils, Chokes, Inductors, EMC Consulting, CE Marking, FCC, MIL-STD-461
Lindgren RF Associates Anechoic Chambers, RF Shielded Rooms, MRI Rooms, EMI Filters and other EMC emissions and immunity products.
LogiMetrics TWT Amplifiers for EMI/Communications and Military EW Applications.
NORDEN GROUP Microwave amplifiers, frequency multipliers, frequency converters to 70 GHz.
Quantum Change EMC Automated Software which is transparent to any manufacturer's test equipment.
Steward EMI Suppression Components.   SMT Common Mode Chokes, Ferrite Beads and inductors, cable clamp ferrites and Toroids.  Connector plates.  Sample kits available.
Tempest, Inc. Tempest products and EMC Antennas.
Test Equity EMC and general test equipment rental and sales.

EMC Manufacturer's Reps and Consultants

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Arc Technical Resources California - all areas -
Barr Electronic Instruments AL, MS, TN, GA, FL, & SC -
Data Marketing Associates TX, OK, AR, LA area for T&M equip.  -
EIA Midwest - Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Indianapolis -
Norman Epstein EMC Consultant
Micro Sales Ohio -
SEI TX, OK, AR, LA area -
Microvolt EMC Consultant -
Multilek, Inc. Canada -
Jerome & Francis Co. Ltd. WA, OR,  & Canada -
R.A. Mayes Company, Inc. CO, ID, UT, NM, AZ -
Systech TX, OK, AR, LA area  -
Tom Koons Company TX, OK, AR LA area -

Other Links

Compliance Engineering EMC Industry Publication
Elemcom Russian EMC network.
Federal Communications Commission
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
ITEM Magazine The EMC industry Directory.   For a free subscription, go to
NARTE, email: [email protected]
Univ of Missouri - Rolla
Univ of Kentucky EMC Center
Univ of Oklahoma EMC Center for Cellular/Pacemaker Research.
CardiAction Special Cardiac Website for Open-Heart Surgery Survivors.

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